Happy Easter

Happy Easter!


Also celebrating my 61st birthday. My birthday month is usually cold, gray and gloomy. Today was a nice change sunny and warm in the upper 60s. I did my annual birthday walk down the lake to pick a pussy willow bouquet for Mom, heard the spring peepers peeping, the raucous calls of the red-winged blackbirds, and the surprisingly loud rattles of Sandhill Cranes. We all had a yummy (and healthy) salmon and fresh asparagus Easter dinner. All in all, a very good day.



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It’s Here!



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Winter in the Mitten

I’d  been moping and grumbling throughout the whole of late fall and early winter. Except for one brief flurry of snow in November, the days have been unusually warm and a lot sunnier than normal.

I missed the snow. I missed winter. Even Christmas was a disappointment, reaching record temperatures in the  60’s for Christmas day.


Finally, about a week after New Year’s Day the cold finally arrived. Snow flurries and biting winds. We didn’t get much more snow than about 2 inches, but it stayed cold and cloudy so the snow didn’t melt.


I should have been ecstatic….winter had finally arrived! It was very late to be sure but it was really here. Icicles were growing along the roof-lines of the old houses in the neighborhood (old houses+poor insulation=icicles), and the cold wind whipped around the downtown buildings as I struggled through unshoveled and slippery sidewalks to get from my car to my work 2 blocks away.


I was NOT ecstatic. Perhaps because winter is no longer considered new once we reach January, or maybe because there was no snow to make the holiday season magical, but the cold snowy weather actually makes me….unhappy. There! I said it! I’ve been a bit of a grump now that the cold weather has finally hit. I don’t want to scrape off my car every morning before going to work and every evening before going home. I don’t want to shovel my driveway and sidewalk. The  windows in my house rattle and the rooms on the 2nd floor are chilly (old houses+ cold wind=drafts).


It is pretty and exciting to watch the lake effect snow come down obscuring the landscape and the cars in front of me as I drive home cautiously. There is that hope beyond hope, going back to childhood, of a possible snow day with no school/work tomorrow; similar to the anticipation of waking up on Christmas morning.


When the north-westerly winds die down, and the sun finally does come out, it is to a fairyland of snow-covered trees and sparkly diamonds hurting my eyes with the brightness. I also happen to think that winter sunrises and sunsets are more stunning then any other time of the year.

I think I must have a love/hate relationship with winter.


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