It’s been the winter to end all winters here in Michigan. I’ve read that by the time winter is finally over, we will have had more than 100 inches all together. it’s no surprise that most of my instagram photos, lately, are all about the neverending snow.












Of course, when the temperatures are below zero degrees (F), I’m also looking for ways to keep cozy.



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The Tenacity of Plants

or The Daffodils That Could

About a year ago, being sick of the white snow, brown slush and grey skies, I bought a small pot of blooming miniature daffodils as a reminder that spring will still come, and to help get me over the hump of February and March. Once it was done blooming, I had every intention of planting it in my Fairy Garden so I could continue to enjoy the small, yellow flowers every year.

Well, life got busy, as it does, and I forgot to plant the bulbs. I tucked the plastic pot on a shelf, thinking that eventually the dead plants would go into the outside compost bin. Then I forgot about the pot altogether.

A few weeks ago and a whole year later, I am astounded to see little green nubs poking through the brown, dead foliage. It hasn’t been watered in months and because I pull the shades down to keep the drafts out of the house in the winter, there is also very little natural light.

But yet, I can see new plants pushing their way out towards what small light I do have. I did the right thing and pulled off the dried up stems and leaves of last year, placed it in a window that had somewhat better lighting and watered it.


They are definitely alive and growing. I don’t know if there is enough food left in the bulbs for them to bloom, or any nutrients in the soil (there appears to be very little soil), but still, the pot of daffodil bulbs is alive and kicking. I admire their tenacity to keep going despite the adverse conditions, and you can be sure that I won’t forget to plant them in the garden this spring; to give them a better chance for next year.

Carol, of May Dreams Garden, is the hostess with the mostest with the monthly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I’ve got no blooms, only 2-3 feet of snow this month, but I’m sure she will be happy to include my Little Daffodils that Could.

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Happy Valentine’s Day


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