A Rainy Morning in May


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Apple Blossom Time


The apple trees are blooming. As the old song goes:

I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,

I’ll be with you to change your name to mine.

Someday in May, I’ll come and say,

Happy the bride, the sun shines on today.

What a wonderful wedding it will be.

What a wonderful day for you and me.

Church bells will chime,

You will be mine

in apple blossom time.

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Working My Way Towards Spring


wpid-img_20150417_131950428.jpgApril was starting to look really nice. The temperature had gotten up into the 60’s and a couple of days into the 70’s. As usual in Michigan, everyone broke out their shorts and flip-flops. Gardeners began planting their veggies and clearing the winter mulch off their flower beds.

I hate to always be the negative one, but I kept saying, “you know, this is only April, it’s bound to get colder.” I kept getting these looks as if I were muttering a curse.

So of course, the weather turned cold again and we had a blistering blowing snow and everyone turned sour and gloomy. Every year we get that taste of spring and every year it gets cold again. People’s hopes are raised, then dashed to the cold, rocky ground.

I pretend that I am okay with that, as it always happens and will always happen. This is, after all, normal Michigan weather. Secretly, my hopes are as low as everyone else’s. I excitedly photographed the crocuses, daffodils and all the other spring blossoms.






Luckily the flowers have not only survived but thrived in the cold weather we’ve had. A cool spring means that the flowers last longer – the hotter the weather the shorter the life of the blooms.

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