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 I love the Jack-in-the-Pulpit flower. Besides having an interesting, graceful shape, a beautiful color and a wonderful, whimsical name; it’s a plant that will grow in my shady backyard and it looks great in bloom in the spring and with its bright … Continue reading

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September Jewels

I made a quick visit to our local nature center last weekend. I was on a quest for a patch of touch-me-nots, silver-cap, wild balsam, lady’s eardrops, ear-jewels, pocketdrops, snapweeds, slipperweeds, wild lady’s slippers, silver-leaf, speckled jewels, silverweed, quick-in-the-hand, wild or … Continue reading

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Butterfly Frenzy

I carry my camera with me at all times, always going for that perfect shot. In the winter, I’m obsessed with the birds visiting the feeder but in the summer, I’m gaga for the flitty, flighty butterflies, moths and bees that come checking out the garden. And … Continue reading

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