Apple Blossom Time


The apple trees are blooming. As the old song goes:

I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,

I’ll be with you to change your name to mine.

Someday in May, I’ll come and say,

Happy the bride, the sun shines on today.

What a wonderful wedding it will be.

What a wonderful day for you and me.

Church bells will chime,

You will be mine

in apple blossom time.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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6 Responses to Apple Blossom Time

  1. Luanne says:

    Beautiful. You’re trying to make me miss Michigan again.

    • Jill-O says:

      I figure that is my job – for all my friends and relatives that have moved away, I’m here to remind you of the beauty that is Kalamazoo and Michigan

  2. joannethiemehuffman says:

    Great photo!

  3. Aunt Happy says:

    LOve the applee blossoms and thatgreat old song…

  4. commonweeder says:

    Beautiful song and beautiful season. My sargent crab is budding, and the ancient apple trees in our field are not far behind.

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