Dance of the Gulls

Part 2 of the Birds of Florida.

Being near the water, we saw a lot of sea gulls. These birds seem more petite than the gulls of Michigan. After a lot of searching through the online identification sites, I think they are called Laughing Gulls. The black legs and feet are very distinctive and it was beautiful how they flew by riding the air currents.

Just like Joanne, who made the comment in my last posting, I really enjoy learning what a group is called for different species of birds; ever since I learned that a flock of crows is called a Murder of Crows. Gulls have a number of names; my favorites being a screech, a scavenging or a squabble of gulls. Also used: a flotilla of gulls and a gullery of gulls.

Michigan Sea Gull

   Florida Sea Gull

        See what I mean? The Florida gull is more petite, and seems to have better aerodynamics.

The beach we were checking out on a chilly, windy saturday had few people, but a lot of gulls. A little boy and his Mom threw bread up in the air for the birds and they obliged by rising, wheeling and gliding in the air, trying to catch a bit of food. I tried to capture their dance with my camera.

The director is calling places for the dance. He has a special treat for them, and they all are anxiously waiting to get a little.

Waiting for the curtain to rise.

Act 1 – a few soloists

Soon followed by the rest of the ensemble with a chorus number. 

Oops! A little too close! Back off, you guys! No upstaging!

The grand finale!

Waiting in the wings.

I’ve got another posting to do with more Florida birds – an astounding number of beautiful creatures that have adjusted to a more suburban way of life.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to Dance of the Gulls

  1. What a fun trip! I enjoyed the previous post, too.

  2. Scavenging and Squabble of crows are both very appropriate names. Great pictures – I especially love the ones in flight. Looking forward to the next posting.

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