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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

This has been a summer of exploration and introspection. New beginnings and new possibilities.

The 2nd weekend in July sent me to Buffalo New York to meet up with 70 some other garden bloggers and writers. We spent 3 days touring gardens in the rain, in the summer heat and some really beautiful weather. When we weren’t looking at gardens, we talked gardening. I met many wonderful folks, many of whom I had known thru their writings, now I got to meet in real life.

I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Joseph who writes the Greensparrow Gardens blog. His cartoons regaling all our gardening weaknesses foibles is the best! We hadn’t really met before the long ride to Buffalo, except by checking out each other’s blogs and emailing back and forth. My co-workers were dubious about our driving arrangements. “Who is this guy, anyway? He could be a nut! He could be a serial killer! What do you really know about him, anyway?” I staunchly replied, “Well, he’s a gardener….” as if that answered all their questions. That sounded pretty weak, even to me, so I added that I felt I knew him from reading his blog.

Our arrangement actually worked out well; since we didn’t know each other, our conversation was lively during the 7 hour drive until the very end, though I felt badly that he ended up doing all the driving.

Thanks again, Joseph!

 The experience, the people, the gardens were so wonderful and I know everyone has done a great job writing of their adventures in the city (doing it in July, not in October like me) so I thought that I would just do a photo slideshow of my memories. Late is better than never.

Another thank you must be given before getting to the pictures: to Jim and Elizabeth for organizing the whole thing. I still can’t figure out how they managed it, it was a HUGE job!

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8 Responses to Images from Buffa10

    • jellyfishbay says:

      I figured that most photos of Buffalo had already been done, so I looked for shots that might be a little different. Of course, I still had to include my favorites.

  1. Glad to see the blog coming alive a little again! You photos are amazing!

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Thanks! I had a very difficult time thinning down the huge amount of photos that I took during the trip to fit into one slideshow.

      I think that the blog will continue to be somewhat sporadic until mid November. I’m trying to do too many things for too many people right now.

  2. Jim Groble says:

    Wonderful pics, places, food and friends. jim and pat

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Hi Jim and Pat. And don’t forget all the lively conversations, especially from your table! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting both of you.

  3. RobinL says:

    My favorite part of the Buffa10 pictures are those colorful little cottages. So very charming!

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Me too! I want to live in a little cottage with brightly painted trim! I also love the tiny gardens that go with the tiny cottages.

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