Happy Birthday Wishes

forcing Forsythia – a birthday tradition

Today is my Birthday.

I have this friend, a real Earth Mother type, an ex-hippie; one of the few people I know who is into astrology and spends a lot of time studying it. I don’t mean just reading the daily horoscope, but figuring out the math of it. I don’t claim to understand it myself, or even to believe in it, but one time she gave me some astrological info that kind of stuck in my head. She told me that the period of time around a person’s birthdate was a good period for them. I don’t remember her exact words, something about the moon being in my house or some such stuff. Basically, she said that the months around my birthday would be a time of creativity, productiveness and simply, things going my way. Whether I believe it or not, it seems to ring true, especially this year.

Narcissus – flower for the month of March and my favorite spring bloom

First, after I assumed that I had come in third in a reader’s choice photo contest for a magazine, a topic posted here , I found out that the magazine had an editor’s choice grand prize award for the same contest and I was the one they chose! So instead of winning a new digital camera, I won a much bigger prize – a weekend for two in Chicago with fine dining, hotel, transportation, and a show. I was floored! Those of you that live in the heartland, keep an eye open for the May/June issue of Midwest Living Magazine.

Next, I found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends has decided to come back home to live in Michigan. She and her husband had moved away to Florida several years ago, and when he retired, they shifted again, this time to California. Once there, she discovered that she couldn’t find a job and his pension wasn’t enough to live on alone. They also left all their friends and contacts behind. Even though Michigan is hard hit economically, housing is inexpensive and living here is a lot cheaper. They planned on spending 3 weeks here in April to job and house hunt. They arrived this week, a week early, and she has already found a good paying job, the first and the only one she’d applied for. What a great Birthday gift!

all three varieties of my iris reticulata are in bloom right now.

I thought I was going to have to work on Friday, but my schedule unexpectedly changed and I was free to take a day off. It was a nippy day, but the sun was shining  which always makes life pleasant, especially since Michigan in March is usually cold, damp and gray.

In fact, this month has had an unusual large number of sunny days. You can blame my astrological sign.

My time at the Secretary of State’s office to update my driver’s license took 10 minutes instead of the usual 40 and I just got 2 packages in the mail: a box of new plants that I ordered and a lovely framed  picture of dried flowers from a lovely craftswoman I met at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.

I met my neighbor for the first time today, even though they moved in during the winter. She brought me over a gift of bird seed as a way of thanking me for all the lovely songbirds that I attract with my feeder. We hit it off right away, they are going to be good neighbors.

And despite the freezing nights, things are beginning to bud, sprout and bloom.  It’s almost warm enough to be outside. Life is good.

The Siberian squill and pink glory of the snow bloomed for the first time today.


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Wishes

  1. jeelago says:

    Happy Birthday, Jill!! Hope you get to kick up your heels! All the best! Love, Jeela

  2. I have deservedly developed a reputation among some Blotanists for treating up close images of flowers as “bah, humbug!”
    However, the shots that you posted of the purple Irises today just took my breath away. They are one of my many favorites in the garden and probably the only ones that I am happy to view from the vantage point of a bumble bee. Thanks for the experience.

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Thank you so much. My feelings regarding flowers in closeups is that most folks see the garden as a whole, from the sidewalk or a path, but miss seeing the incredible detail that a single blossom can give. These iris reticulata are small and close to the ground. When looking at them enmasse, their delicate beauty is lost.

  3. gardenerprogress says:

    Happy Birthday! It sure does sound like you’ve had some very good things happen recently. Congrats on the editor’s choice, that’s very exciting!!

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