Seed Shortages Loom

This just in from the local garden center’s e-newsletter:

Based on very reliable information we have received at Wedel’s Garden Center, there is a real expectation that garden seeds will be in short supply in the United States this year due to a number of factors.

Lovett’s Guide to Horticulture cover clipart — Spring 1895

The last two years saw a huge increase in the number of new home gardeners as well as larger plots being developed by veteran gardeners. Demand for seed soared. Less than favorable weather conditions might have discouraged some, especially the new gardeners but those weather conditions had an effect on all growers including those supplying the seed companies. Poor yields resulted in fewer seeds being available this year. Coupled with the poor yield is the fact that there have been fewer farms growing crops for seed due to the increased value of corn which is used in the production of ethanol.

Another increase in the number of first-time gardeners is expected again this year and an increase in demand for seeds by European countries is expected to add to the shortage once again.

According to a Chas. C. Hart Seed Company representative, his company was not able to get any sugar snap peas and he expects that other seed companies, who do have some available, will sell out quickly. Some popular varieties of cucumbers and carrots will also become difficult, if not impossible to find. Other seeds may become as scarce.

Our best advice is plan early and get your seeds early in order to ensure you are able to grow the healthful garden vegetables your family will enjoy.

What do you think? Are you finding your seeds or having some problems?


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One Response to Seed Shortages Loom

  1. Nell Jean says:

    They seem to be in good supply right now. Let a few sunny Saturdays fool folks into thinking Spring is here and they’ll sell out fast.

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