Bring It On, Winter!

The window boxes are cleared of annuals, the geraniums and ferns being overwintered in the parent’s solarium.


The leaves are down off of all the trees.


They’re all nicely raked into the flower beds as a means to regulate soil temperature throughout the winter (and as a squirrel digging deterrent).


Since there are only so many garden beds and only so much room in the compost bins, the rest get raked to the curb for city pickup to make more mulch.


The birdfeeders are getting lots of use.


Last Wednesday, on the day before T Day, we had our first light dusting of snow. It lasted all of 2 hours before melting away.

So I’m ready for you Winter, bring it on!

Well, almost ready….


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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5 Responses to Bring It On, Winter!

  1. Catherine says:

    I love that your city picks up the leaves that way! We just had our first frost today and my garden is just about ready for winter too, although I always seem to find something to do out there.

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Our city is pretty good at recycling and have regular tree limb and leaf pick-ups. They chip up the limbs into mulch and shred the leaves for compost. Supposedly, these are available free for citizens to use, but I haven’t figured out where they keep it.

  2. Teresa O says:

    You ARE ready for winter! Only two trees stand in the front yard and the few leaves are mulched in the mower. I enjoyed the snow on your blog. No snow in nw Ohio yet this year and I’m longing for a blanket of white. *sigh*

    • jellyfishbay says:

      Well, I am up to a point. I am still trying to get all my gardening odds and ends inside the garage or down in the basement. As soon as the weatherman predicted snow I found the snow widget that my blogsite uses every year. My way of honoring the season.

  3. Yes, it looks like you are ready for the next season. I love the cardinal photos. We just put food in our feeders today. I hope we get more besides sparrows and squirrels.

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