End of the Line – Photo Contest

Gardening Gone Wild is hosting their last photo contest for this year. I must say, I’ve learned a lot about photo composition by participating and had a lot of fun at the same time.

I was trying to capture the milkweed fuzz the other day, because it is so pretty especially when it is shining in the sun (be sure to catch those shots for my Wordless Wednesday posting), when I spotted this milkweed pod, just opened, the seeds straining to be set free. I thought it would be a more humorous look at the subject:

The End of the Line


All right, no shoving! Everybody out! It’s the end of the line for you!

Addendum: You don’t get it? When I think of the end of the line, I think of commuter trains during rush hour, stuffed full of people, much like this pod is stuffed full of seeds. When the doors open, the people spill out, free from the crowded compartments.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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13 Responses to End of the Line – Photo Contest

  1. I do like your take on the “end of the line”

  2. jellyfishbay says:

    I’m probably stretching the meaning of the subject, but I was having difficulty coming up with something that hadn’t already been done. It was an inspired idea.

  3. joey says:

    Well done … love it 🙂

  4. Great shot! The pattern of the seeds is so interesting and their texture makes a great contrast to the silkiness of the silk part. (Whatever you call that stuff.)

  5. Susie says:

    Your photo is just beautiful, a wonf=derful capture & take on the subject! Good luck!

  6. What a great shot! I never catch the milkweed seeds at that stage, they are always spilling out and fluffy by the time I notice them. I didn’t realize how very organized they are inside the pod.

  7. jellyfishbay says:

    Thanks so much for the comments. You know, I’m all about texture – it goes back to a former life as a costume designer. I think that the seeds almost look like a pine cone. Nature imitating nature perhaps?

    I was a bit concerned that no one would get the end of the line reference, so I put an addendum at the end to better explain myself.

  8. Teresa O says:

    Love this shot! It spoke to me of endings and beginnings and it does indeed reveal textures and patterns, too

  9. Jean says:

    Yes, I get it and I love your photo! Wish I could do closeups like that.

  10. Leslie says:

    This is a wonderful photo. Love the textures and patterns.

  11. GardenJunkie says:

    Very cool – almost looks like it’s alive. Or perhaps it’s had an early Thanksgiving dinner and is literally bursting at the seams… 🙂

  12. Town Mouse says:

    What fun! Isn’t it interesting what a close-up can do sometimes?

  13. It’s a wonderful shot! And your interpretation fits the theme so very well! So pretty’-)

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