Gray Days



Getting out of work at 6:00pm, the parking lot is almost empty.

I don’t work at a church, I just pay for monthly parking here.

It’s a longer walk but cheaper than the parking structures nearby.

Another day of rain. I vaguely remember at least a couple of days in the past week being sunny, but strangely, it all just seems to be a gray blur now. The rainy days don’t help.

This nagging thought keeps tugging at my brain: “There’s not enough time, there’s not enough time…” and I don’t just mean getting the garden ready for winter, though that is a part of it.

Will I have enough time to finish planning the two different fundraising events I’ve been working on? The first is to hike 33.5 miles of the Kal-Haven Trail in 3 days. I’ve  been building my hiking time up for only a week; really, not nearly enough time to be physically ready on the 20th.

The 2nd event is a Disco Fever Party for the Girl Scout Training Center. Let’s just say that I still need to make a lot of calls and emails and getting volunteers, food, and publicity and props to make it happen. I’ve barely begun.

Then there is work.  All sorts of stuff is happening right now at the library, all at once. We just begun using a new computer program that is supposedly an upgrade, but is, in fact much more unwieldy than the old program. I’m finding that it is taking me longer to get my work done because if it. We are cutting back staff now in anticipation of  a new, smaller  public service desk design and a self-service kiosk which will require less staff. Since the construction of the new desk hasn’t begun yet, we are always scrambling when someone calls in sick and it seems as though someone calls in every day. There’s other stuff going on too, but I since I know that it’s just a temporary stress-maker I’m trying to zen out – just let it go.

Now about the garden. It’s pretty much a jungle. The backyard is in desperate need of mowing. Every time I get a day off from work, it rains and my rule is “Do not mow a wet lawn, the grass just gums up the mower”. I had all these plants that I wanted to move around; now it looks as though I won’t get to it until next spring. Thank goodness there’s always next spring. I spent about an hour last sunday planting some things that have been patiently waiting in their little pots. Unfortunately, I still have a flat of pansies, a beautiful autumn fern and a bugbane for my woodland garden waiting for planting. I am still waiting for another order from Springhill, though at this late date, will they still send my order now or wait until spring? Because the weather is getting colder very quickly, I must pot up my geraniums and take them to my Mom’s solarium for the winter. I’d like to try to overwinter a couple of other pots with Lantana and New Guinea Impatiens and see if they like the solarium in winter as well.




all my little pretties, just waiting to be planted

This gray, overwhelming week is finally over. I have a whole weekend to rediscover my equilibrium again. The weatherman even promises a little sun. Finally!

By the way, any suggestions on how to over winter this lovely strawberry pot full of succulents? I’m not quite sure what to do with it now that colder weather is settling in.



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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to Gray Days

  1. Tatyana says:

    Hi Jull! You reminded me that we’ll have our rain season soon, and I need to clean the garden as soon as possible. But how? Everything (well, not everything, but a lot of plants) is still blooming, tomatoes are still ripening, etc. I like your idea of trying to ovewinter some plants. I remember my Mom brought petunias inside once. Next year, people were stopping to look at our window boxes and knocked at the door to ask what were those flowers. Those were our best petunias ever. Good luck with your lantana and impatients! As for the strawberry pot, I keep some of my succulents in the garage, and move others closer to the wall and surround them with other containers. Some survive, some don’t. Your pot is so beautiful, I’d take it to your Mom!

  2. Sue says:

    I have issues with time, too. Now that I have a sprained knee and strained ankle from tripping on our dog’s leash and falling 3 weeks ago, I have realized the fall moving things around I wanted to do is going to have to wait until spring.

    I hope things are falling into place for you. As for your strawberry pot, we just bring ours in and put it on a plate to catch the water, and put it near a window. By spring it’s usually a bit unhappy, but when it goes back out, most of the plants have survived.

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