More Pocket Gardens – around town

Since I’ve been looking at pocket gardens around my neighborhood and the surrounding city area, I admit to feeling a little bit voyeuristic, peeking into other’s yards. What is worse, is that every day I see another lovely little garden that I want to snap a shot. I have taken a few from my car while driving – a drive-by shooting; a hit-and-run. I never, ever, see anyone working in the gardens, yet they seem very well maintained.

(Please be sure to click on any photo for a clearer view.)


This is actually one of the better-kept apartment buildings, but not what I consider a pocket garden. The grass is mowed, the bushes are trimmed but have you ever seen anything more boring?

P7061741 P7061742

One the other hand, this small lot actually has no grass whatsoever. The tiny front yard is one whole garden. I kicked myself because I forgot to get a photo of the house in relation to the garden. If you look at the first picture you can see the cookie-cutter houses in the background. This house looks pretty much the same as those. The front yard is about 8-10 feet deep and full of flowers and ornamental grasses.

P7061744 P7061743

A sampling of the flowers.


This house has an enclosed fence around the front yard and a slightly unkempt but still lovely garden. I really love the vines arching over the front entry.

P7111767 P7111765

A little haven is created, but you can tell that, though it’s a pretty set-up, it’s looking a bit weedy. I’ve never actually seen anyone working in the garden but if you look closely you can see a garden hose across the walk over by the bench, so you know someone’s been here.


A small house in my neighborhood. It’s a cute little house but in an unfortunate location: on a hillside. The current owners ripped out the grass and built garden terraces. It’s much prettier out in front and makes for less work mowing on a steep incline.

P9050720 P7190247

A couple of different views of the terraces. These photos are all drive-by shootings, but if I ever see the owners, I’d definitely stop to let them know how much I’ve enjoyed their garden.


A little built-in patio at the side of the house.


This is voyeurism at it’s finest. Trying to catch a glimpse of a formal courtyard from the street. And again, I forgot to take a photo of the house. Let’s just say that it goes with this garden. It looks very European from here, but I can’t imagine anyone sitting in those cast iron chairs next to the lion statuary and actually enjoying the garden. Still, it is attractive to look at from a distance.


This house actually has a large front yard for this neighborhood and can’t really qualify as a pocket garden, but they put a lot of work to make it look good (and the house itself is interesting looking.) It has, unfortunately, absolutely no back yard whatsoever.


They must use the back door to get in and out.

P7200304 P7200305

taken on a cloudy day, the bright colors are diminished.


I think you can guess that I’m very fond of cottage style gardens, and I realize that this house has no back yard, just a corner lot.

P7210310 P7210311

Perhaps it is the more formal architectural style of the house, or the choice of plants…..but I’m just not crazy about this garden. It looks a mess.


On the other hand, this apartment building, similar to the first photo at the beginning…


What a difference a few flowers in the front can make!


Another drive-by shooting. I didn’t want anyone to think I was neglecting the vegetable growers. This single raised bed is smack dab in the middle of the front yard. If I was putting in this garden, I probably would have set it back a few yards to blend in better with the house and maybe have a surrounding garden bed so it doesn’t stand out quite so glaringly from the city street. Still, it’s in a good spot and the tomatoes are doing well. 


And what about my front yard?

Right now, about the only thing I have are two really large window boxes on either side of the front steps. I’ve got two old maple trees flanking the house that sucks all the moisture out of the ground and creates a lot of dry shade. Eventually I’d like to be rid of the lawn altogether and just have ground cover and gardens, but I haven’t really figured out all the logistics yet. It needs more thought before I begin digging.

In the meantime, I do have a lovely little backyard where I spend most of my gardening time and my volunteer time at the butterfly garden I created.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to More Pocket Gardens – around town

  1. Mary Delle says:

    Looking at others’ gardens is fun. That is what I do on my walks about the neighborhood. You created a butterfly garden? Tell more about this.

  2. You have done great justice to one of my favorite garden styles.

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