Missing the Biggest Sale of the Summer


It’s 9:45pm and I am in bed in my jammies. Tonight is the night of the big Firefly Sale at my favorite garden nursery center and I’m not there. The nursery, which usually is open only during the daylight hours, doesn’t have artificial lighting. For the firefly sale, the staff strings fairy lights all over the greenhouses and customers bring flashlights to look at and buy merchandise. They start at 7:00pm with sale items listed at 10% (I think) and each hour the discounts go up in 10% increments. It’s a real party atmosphere and a bit of a madhouse with everyone trying to get to the popular stuff and staff keeps putting more out. Everyone tends to wait until 10:00pm or after to go and there are very long checkout lines at the end of the evening. And here I am. At home. In my jammies. Wishing I were there. I decided that money was a little tight this summer and I wouldn’t go. I was good and didn’t go to the nursery early to scope out what I wanted. I keep thinking of all those wonderful plants that someone else is getting and not me.

It’s now 10:00pm. They close at 11:00. If I get up now and get dressed, I may be able to catch the last half hour. I’d have to take something to carry my plants in, cause I know all the shopping carts would be used.

A dilemma…….a frustration……


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to Missing the Biggest Sale of the Summer

  1. Ohhh the torture of a sale! My heart truly breaks for you because it sounds like a magical kind of sale! I’m so very glad we don’t have anything nearly that cool around here…I would hard pressed to resist! Kim

  2. Catherine says:

    Did you end up going? It sounds like a lot of fun. I know there is a great sale at the nursery I like, but so far haven’t had time to go. I keep trying to figure out how I could get there today before it’s over.

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