Sweet Indulgences and Guilty Pleasures

Weather Report: We still haven’t gotten any rain. It feels more like April than July, with highs in the low 60’s (F). I don’t really mind the cool weather; I prefer it this way for comfortable garden work and cool nights for sound sleeping.  Tomorrow is more of the same, with 60% chance of rain. My new plants are needing of a good watering.

I’ve gone a little crazy in the plant shopping area. I would stop in at a garden center, nursery, greenhouse or an all-in-one grocery store looking for one thing or just “researching” and end up taking home something else. (i.e. plants).

I haven’t bought any new perennials for my own garden for several years. Being a student left little time or money for gardening. The garden has suffered because of it. This year, with school finally behind me, I have started to reclaim the garden beds. I felt a little guilty buying all those plants, but oh, it felt soooo good!

First, the high end items:

P6231544 P6231540 

I went to my favorite nursery, originally to check out their conifers and to pick up a few interesting succulents for a container planting I was planning. I saw this hanging plant and fell in love. I had to have it. It was with other hanging containers on sale for $12.00 but I found out that it was in the wrong area and though it was on sale, it was more like $28.00. I swallowed hard and paid up.


Another purchase at the same nursery. My front garden (a dry shade area) has been problematic for providing summer color after the spring bulbs are done. I’ve tried several things over the years without success. This year, I decided since I can’t get flowers to bloom, I would go with foliage. I found two hostas on sale (called Stained Glass) and some nice bright coleus (Wizard Sunset) to try to provide color without flowers.


Echinacea ‘Fatal Attraction’, bought at another Garden Center.  I had stopped in to buy seeds and research prices (conifers again) and thought that while I was there to check their really great collection of perennials. They had all the new coneflowers. I almost decided on buying ‘Tomato Soup’ which is a bright red variety, when I saw ‘Fatal Attraction’. They hadn’t bloomed yet; I was fatally attracted to the burgundy stems. The price was a little steep, so I only bought one. If the one does well in my garden I can buy more next year…or let nature take it’s course and let it spread.

P6301617 P6301624

          Stokes aster ‘Peaches Pick’                                   Cooper’s Ice Plant

P6301619 P6301618

               Veronica ‘Royal Candles’                                       and ‘Red Fox’

Some nice plants found at Lowe’s and Meijer’s (a well-known franchise in Michigan. It has everything, including groceries.) The quality of plants has gotten so much better than in past years.

Some really good deals: Found on the clearance shelves at Lowes.


Some really beaten down and under watered ‘Red Velvet’ yarrow. I haven’t found the right spot for them, yet.


I couldn’t pass up these beautiful New Guinea impatians,

P6281579 P6281580 

I also got two large delphiniums, both looking very abused but I thought I could nurse them back to health. One, a Magic Fountain lavender delphinium perked right up and immediately began to bloom. The other, with no label, will probably live but is not looking too healthy right now. The slug invasion that I’ve been suffering through, are really attracted to this sick plant. Shortly after it was planted, I picked 9 slugs off this one plant.


Warning: The following photos contain the death of some slugs and may be considered disgusting and just plain gross. Please view at your own discretion.


signs of the slugs 

I’ve been fighting the slugs since that cool, rainy day when I discovered them ALL OVER THE YARD. I’ve set the beer traps and am really disgusted at the number of drowned critters that I have to dispose of on a daily basis.  




About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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One Response to Sweet Indulgences and Guilty Pleasures

  1. RobinL says:

    Okay, I’m not sure which is more gross. Your bowl of drowned slugs, or my cup of drowned Japanese beetles! Since I take a daily mission trip to search for the nasty creatures, I don’t change the soapy water in my cup every time. Ewwww! Oh the things we gardeners do to save our plants from creatures.

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