Garden Walk – a shady garden

 Weather Report: We missed the rain that was predicted last night, but today was about 10 degrees cooler with a nice breeze to make working outdoors comfortable and very pleasant. After spending the morning digging in my yard, I spent the afternoon at my mother’s house in the country digging in her yard. We saw a turkey and her three babies (about the size of mourning doves) walking through the back yard.  Unfortunately, turkeys have excellent eyesight and as soon as the adult bird saw me sneaking out to my car for the camera, she escorted her brood under the fence and into the neighbor’s yard. Tomorrow, we will be having a much cooler day with highs in the lower 70’s (F) and 50% chance of rain. After all the hot, dry weather last week, we could use a good rain.

This posting is the third part of a master gardener sponsored garden walk. We spent an evening earlier in the month visiting 3 different garden spaces. The first stop was to visit a green roof at a local elementary school, the second stop was to visit a local beekeeper.

The third stop was a shade garden at a private residence. It was a last minute change of stops, so I did not catch the name of the host. He told us that when he first bought the house, it had a couple of foundation plantings in front of the split-level brick house while the rest was just lawn. It used to take him about 2 hours to mow the grass. Now it only takes 1/2 hour.


Master Gardeners at the start of the walk, beginning in the front of the house.



The front yard is completely shaded and has no grass at all.  It is full of hostas, ferns astilbes,




and a large beautiful redwood tree called Red Dawn. The feathery leaves gave a Jurassic Park look to the garden.


What a great-looking trunk. I had no idea that redwoods could grow in Michigan.

Right next to the tree was a Persicaria Red Dragon – the evening sun had washed out the color, somewhat. It’s very striking in the shade.



A new garden bed in a location that gets part sun. You can see a hydrangea vine to the right of the two men talking. It climbed up about 40 feet high clinging to a live, mature tree. I really regret not getting a photo of it and the tree.


From the bottom of the hill looking up.  


a lovely flowering shrub at the top.


The colors of this japanese iris are amazing.

About halfway through our visit to this garden, the memory card in my camera became full. I spent most of the time going back and deleting old shots, so I could take just one or two more pictures. So the photos are a little on the skimpy side. I hope to arrange another visit someday and do it thoroughly, since the owners really did a beautiful job building the gardens.


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