A Day at the Fair


Road Trip!

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Instead of working in the garden, I decided to go to the Antiques Market in Allegan, about a half hour drive from my home. They run the fair on the last Sunday each month and you can find all sorts of cool stuff.

P5301193 P5311211 

Waiting in line at the entrance to the fairgrounds. The giant rooster points the way.


P5301208 P5311212 

Checking out the goods.



A lot of dogs accompany their masters. Some even come in costume.



You can find real antiques,




And odd collectibles.



A display of aprons.


A few props like an apple or geraniums can make a sale.


  P5301201 P5301195 

To no one’s surprise. I collect garden related, as well as sewing and textile collectibles and antiques.


My vote for best display and best booth. How can you NOT buy something when it’s displayed like this.



Working my way through the crowds towards my goal. There is nothing like fair food!


P5311219 P5311220

Some of the treasures that made their way home.

Old milk crates, barkcloth curtain panels, a pretty pot for an indoor plant, and some really nice antique buttons that will make wonderful brooches.


The big purchase of the day. A metal arbor to replace the old wooden one supporting my hydrangea vine.



I don’t always buy this much at one time. Sometimes I just go for the atmosphere….and the food.

As always, if you wish a larger view, just click on the pictures.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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