Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May

There is a bounty of blooming flowers and lush growth in my garden right now. I’m sharing it at our little garden party hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens . I hope you all will enjoy my garden tour.


My Korean Spice bush still has a lovely scent, but the flowers are on their way out.


P5141001 P5141028 P5141004

The last of my tulips and daffodils. You can also see little daisies that I let bloom in my grass.




My lilacs are still in bloom. I have a very old lilac that is more like a tree than a bush.




My white bleeding hearts and jack-in-the-pulpit are still holding their own in my woodland garden.



We had a lovely rain Wednesday night and after being well-watered, several flowers popped open.  This is a spring favorite, called dames rocket. If you want to know a little more about the flower, I have more info in a posting I wrote from last year; A Rose by any other Name .




My luneria or money plant blooms at this time as well. You can see the similarity between the two. Of course the luneria has the lovely seed pods for fall interest. If you look closely, you can see a couple of them forming.



I believe this flowering shrub is a honeysuckle bush, though I’ve never noticed any scent. The birds love to eat the berries in the fall. If anyone can verify the name for me, I’d really appreciate it.





The star of Bethlehem, little forget-me-nots and lily of the valley: all flowering in my lawn. When they are done blooming, I just mow them down…well, not the lilies of the valley – they end up as ground cover.



I love my pansies this year… so pretty.



My dogwood isn’t known for its blossoms but the red stems on it look great in the winter.



A columbine, just about ready to pop open.




I’ve got some beautiful hostas…



and gorgeous ferns.


And the Fearless Marauder, peaking at me through my hydrangea vine leaves, looking for a handout.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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5 Responses to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Jill,
    It looks like your spring is in full swing. Your flowers are lovely! I recently figured out the seedlings I hoped were money plants are zebrina mallows. I found a nice sized money plant at a garden center that I need to get planted.

    Your squirrel is cute, I hate to say. When I get a chance, I have a bunch of pics of a rabbit or 2 that was/were too tame, while trying to get pics of flowers for GBBD that I want to post on my blog.

  2. Joy says:

    Jill you have some really gorgeous plants there girl : )
    I love the jack-in-the-pulpit especially .. in fact I think I suffer from envy ! haha
    Those little hits of white are just right too.
    The fearless marauder must be related to our chubster squirrel .. nothing spooks him when he is on a mission : )

  3. Cathy says:

    Jill you do have beautiful flowers, that photo of the fearless marauder is too funny! I can smell the korean spice such a sweet smell!

  4. lynn says:

    Hi Jill, we have alot of the same in bloom right now. I just purchased a spice bush last weekend and before I could plant it, the deer came and ate all the new tips…so bummed! Your lilac is a pretty shade.

  5. jenn says:

    I have been gardening for 6 years and im still learning. I have been living at a new address for 21/2 years and discovering all new plants as i live near the woods and have a stream in my property and just discoverd i have jack in the pulpits growing everywhere. two differnt kinds. I live in southern new hampshire. Is this normal. We just had all kinds of flooding this spring but i remember the red berries last year too! I will send pix soon.

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