Weekend Update

Weather report: The weather is finally getting closer to what I consider spring. The rain finally let up Friday evening and we’ve been getting sunny days since, highs up to about 69 degrees (F) and the lows at night down in the lower 40’s.

Friday: I had a day off from work Friday and I was looking forward to spending the day outside, first clearing out the winter debris in the butterfly/hummingbird garden, taking my first hike of the season at the local Nature Center and finishing up the day in my own garden.

It was a cloudy, gray, chilly day when I got out of the house, but the weather report didn’t forecast rain. I went over to our Branch Library where I take care of the Butterfly/Hummingbird garden and a Rainbow garden that I put in every year outside of the children’s room.

A part of the requirements for being a master gardener is to spend so many hours a year serving the community as a volunteer. A good part of my time has been starting and maintaining these two gardens. This was the first time I had been able to get out there this spring. I set up the hummingbird feeder and was able to clear out the remains of last year’s plants. I don’t clean up in the fall, leaving seeds for the birds over the winter. I cleared 4 out of the 5 garden beds when it started spitting rain and the temperature dropped. I wrapped it up and started for home.

p5010898 p5010900

      The hummingbirds are here!              Baby Serviceberry tree in full bloom

p5010903 p5010908

     Before getting cleaned up                                   After – I really just tidied up. I still haven’t started weeding.


a haze of green leaves at the edge of the property.

I wasn’t in the mood to go  hiking in the woods and I couldn’t mow in the rain, especially when it is a cold, biting rain. So much for my day outside.  

Saturday: After 7 days of gray skies and rainy days, we had a sunny day. It was cool but not uncomfortable, a perfect day to be outside. Unfortunately, I spent the day at work. Not only was I inside all day, but I worked windowless for most of it so I couldn’t even see the sunshine. It was frustrating.

When I got home, I quickly changed into my grubby work clothes and cleared out a bed and started working in no man’s land. It was an area I had neglected for a few years.

p5030922 p5030921

Coming home from work, I noticed the birds had a new bird bath…more like a bird tub. No wonder they haven’t been using mine.

When I first bought this house, it had ivy growing up the back wall. Being young and stupid in the ways of ivy, I thought it looked pretty and softened it’s boxiness. Then I found out how destructive ivy actually was and I spent a lot of time ripping it all out. It has been slowly growing back, so it was time to rip it out again. This time, I plan on spraying the heck out of the ground around the house and really kill it so it won’t come back.

p5040941 p5040943

            I need to move this hosta to get it out of the way. Making a mess.

 Sunday:  Another lovely day. I spent the day at my Mom’s house in the country doing chores. The big job of the day was to put together brick edging for a small garden next to the garage. It kind of serves as an entryway.


Mom’s holly in bloom for the first time after being planted several years ago. I’ve never really seen a holly plant bloom before…and such pretty little flowers.

When I got home I planted my new mail order plants and found places for everything. I also moved a Japanese iris that had been languishing. I hope it is in a better place. I also planted a pulminaria that a friend passed on to me.


the pulminaria is looking limp. I hope it perks up.

My fairy garden is looking sweet. I’ve never been one for cutesy stuff, but I like to try out a lot of plants and projects for children’s gardens and gardening with kids. I tend to plant small things or those that lend a fairy-like air. It’s a work in progress.


My fairy garden includes pansies, miniature daffodils, iris reticulata, miniature hosta, burgundy lace painted fern, columbine, coral bells (I have a burgundy one that perfectly matches the painted fern, forget-me-nots, miniature campanula and my yet to bloom toadshade trillium. Okay, the planted birdhouse doesn’t work, let me fix it up a little and we’ll see if it looks like a fairy house.

Let’s look at some blooms and future chores.

p5040945 p5040946

My ferns are unfurling. They seemed to have popped up in a day. Unfortunately, they are coming up in the lawn. They spread by runners. If I transplant them back into the garden, will they survive?

p5030926 p5030924

      A lovely arrangement.        I can’t stop taking photos of these little pansies.

p5030928 p5030929

I tend to plant a lot of oranges and yellows in the spring. So where did these magenta tulips come from? I don’t remember seeing them before. They sure are bright and cheery.


 Remember, you can always double click to enlarge the photos.


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2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Cathy says:

    Oh such beautiful flowers! I never seen a white bleeding heart plant before, very pretty.

  2. Sue says:

    Well, I should have read this before posting my other comment. ;o)

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