Hellebores and Hostas

After reading a number of blogs showing off the lovely blooming hellebores, I got the itch. I had to have one. I anxiously waited a month before placing an order on one of my mail order places. I’ve had no problem with this company, other than the fact that they mail plants too early for my tastes and the plants are too small. However, the price is better than the local nurseries and I have the patience to wait a year or two until the plants mature.

The plants arrived today in the mail. I love getting any package in the mail. It’s very exciting. Here is what I ordered.


p4270868 p4270869

Besides getting the 2 hellebores, I also ordered a heuchera cultivar called caramel. Coral bells are a favorite of mine.You can’t have too many. p4270870 caramel-heuchera

This is what I got                                         This is the photo from the catalog


 blue-lady-hellebore red-lady-hellebore

The hellebores will (hopefully) look like these (from the Springhill catalog)

The Red Lady cultivar wasn’t much more than a green stem with one little leaf where the Blue Lady hellebore was a lot more lush (for a mail order.)

p4270871 p42708722

I also ordered a hosta, called white feather hosta which starts out white, then, as the leaves mature, turn a green and cream, and 5 dwarf lilies that go by the name of orange carpet border lily, which are only supposed to get from 15-18 inches tall. To tell you the truth, I kind of forgot I had ordered these. I know that I had a space planned in which to plant them, but I don’t remember now.

Pictures from the catalog:

 carpet-lily3 white-feather-hosta1



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5 Responses to Hellebores and Hostas

  1. The Hellebore looks yummy! I’m sure they will be stunning!

  2. Flora says:

    Sounds like an exciting day! I love it when a delivery of new plants arrive – although sometimes I wonder if the process of choosing the plants and pouring over the catalogue is even better?! I hope that they all grow away happily and start to resemble their catalogue pictures soon.

    • Joy says:

      Hello there Jill !
      I’m sorry I haven’t been back more often girl .. I love seeing what you ordered .. I need more hellebore and one is coming with my ornamental grasses .. so at least I will have two now ? LOL
      I have that heuchera and it will look amazing .. don’t worry about what it looks like now ; )

  3. Cathy says:

    Those hosta colors is really neat and different,
    I’m sure they will look better by next year. I just
    bought the carmel coral bells love the color!

  4. It is so exciting getting plants in the mail. I ordered several new coral bells this year, there are so many beautiful new varieties. My plants are not here yet as I am zone 4 but they should be here soon.

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