Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -April

Buds, Sprouts and Blooms

Celebrating Garden Bloggers Bloom Day by the hostess with the mostest – Carol at May Dreams Gardens .

Weather report: the temperature seems to fluctuate from highs in the upper 50’s (F) to highs in the low 40’s. Brrrr! Still, we continue to slowly move toward warmer weather.  Friday and Saturday will be up to 70 degrees before rain moves in and the temperature drops back into the 50’s. Stuff is definitely sprouting.


Buds are everywhere!


Poppies – the peach variety. I also have the traditional red, but it’s much younger so the clump is smaller.


Bleeding Hearts – Alba. I just love the way these little sprouts look. Like a kind of celery.


My spicebush gives off a strong vanilla scent when it blooms. I can smell it yards away.  I got this at the first Flower and Garden show I worked as a volunteer. While we were tearing down at the end, all flowers and shrubs were sold at rock-bottom prices. I got 2 lilacs, 4 spirea and this spicebush. It was called a Korean Spicebush, though I’ve never seen it called that anywhere else.


My forsythia bush was just about to bloom when I took this photo on Sunday. This evening it was in full bloom.


One of my lilac bushes. You can see the purple bud inside, like a little purple cauliflour.


Here is a mystery shrub growing here when I bought my house.  They grow like weeds and keep popping up all over the yard. The flower looks a little like a pink honeysuckle, but it doesn’t give off  any scent. The birds do like the red berries in the fall, especially the cardinals, which is the only reason I don’t dig it up.


Eeeek! Little fingers digging their way out of the earth! Actually a no-name hosta just peeking out to take a look.

And my lovely daffodils. There is nothing like the bright, cheery yellow of a daffodil to clean out the cobwebs after a long, gray winter.



A visitor checking out the first of my hyacinths.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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7 Responses to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -April

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jill, the blue hyacinth is lovely. And the bee seems to love it too 😉 The daffodils are so beautiful. Thank you for posting these pictures.

  2. Cathy says:

    Just beautiful, by the way, it is called korean spice.
    I love the fragrance and looks pretty too.

  3. You have so much promise in your garden. Happy GBBD.

  4. Sweet Bay says:

    Ooo, love the bee pic. Beautiful!

  5. April says:

    I cannot wait to see all of your poppies. I love them, but we can’t grow them here! So I have to grow vicariously through other gardeners in other zones…LOL!

  6. Sue says:

    Things are looking good! I love your daffs!

  7. RobinL says:

    I know that spring can be long in coming there in Michigan, so I’m glad to see so much new life coming to your garden!

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