Dirty Fingers,Wet Knees & a New Fence

p3300639 p3300642

Weather Report: Cool weather for the last 2 days, in the upper 40’s. Yesterday was calm and sunny and I didn’t mind working outside. Today the temperature was slightly warmer but it was cloudy, kept spitting rain and it was windy so it felt colder.

I thought my job was simple. I had an old picket fence that was rotting away, though the posts were still sound. I had new fence sections delivered Sunday. I figured, easy job to rip out the old fence and hammer in the new.


The old fence


The new fence

Monday:It never is simple, is it? The old fence came out easy enough, until I got to the gate. The hinge was bolted to the old fencing plus I had hydranga vine that had been growing around the fence. I pruned out the vine, then decided to take advantage of the easy access to do some weeding in the beds against the fence. That took longer than I realized so I stopped for the evening. I still had 2 fence sections up.


cleaning out the beds

 p3300634 p3310647

2 sections to go                                       the problem gate

Tuesday: Okay, this is where the process really got difficult. The new fencing was taller than the old so the posts were too short. I got out my power saw and cut about 4 inches off all the bottom pickets. I also had to trim off the ends. It took all afternoon, and I still hadn’t gotten to the last two fencing sections. Anyway, though it isn’t my best work, the new fencing looks pretty good.

p3310645 p3310646

the new fencing after a long afternoon

Tonight my hammer arm is sore and tomorrow I’ve got to try to take out 2 large rusty bolts in order to get the last of the sections off. Then I’ve got to cut down and hammer in the last 2 new sections. And, of course, I’ll need to do something with the gate. It’s supposed to be nicer on Thursday, so perhaps I’ll wait until then to finish up.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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