Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February

We’re almost to the end of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day so I think I’d better add my 2-cents worth. Carol of May Dreams Gardens acts as hostess to more than 70 participating blogs. Wow!

Since we had a slight warm up last weekend and throughout the week, I had made plans to spend Saturday morning hunting the garden for signs of spring. I woke up early to the sound of the city snowplows scraping the road. Uh-oh! Pulling open the shades provided a view of a snowy landscape. Well, that ruined my outdoor plant exploration.

That’s alright, I’ve got my back up-plan.

 p20502121 p21502761

Many of the hyacinths I forced for winter blooming are done.  The first photo was taken two weeks ago, the second, today.

p2150278 p2050213 Still, I do have a few blooming and spreading their perfume.

Inspired by Sue at A Corner Garden I have begun checking out and investing in houseplants. Following in a family tradition, I got an african violet which is blooming nicely right now.


I also have some geraniums that I have been overwintering and a poinsettia left over from Christmas. They really like my east window.  The poinsettia looks as good today as the day I brought it home in December. Usually the flower looks pretty bedraggled by February.

p2150289 p2150290

My Mom, who has the green thumb when it comes to indoor plants, has a blooming cyclamen which she got for her birthday last month and her Christmas cactus which FINALLY bloomed this week. I guess this year it is the Valentine cactus.

p1250130 p2150295

Looking back at the photos, I’m seeing a lot of pinks and reds. Very appropriate for the holiday weekend.

Happy Pink Day!


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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8 Responses to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February

  1. Jan says:

    Even though you woke to snow, you do still have some nice blooms. I have never tried hyacinths, but I have been tempted many years. Maybe this fall will be a good time to try them.

    Always Growing

  2. kerri says:

    I neglected to do hyacinths this past fall and I’m regretting it now. Yours are many pretty shades. I miss that lovely fragrance!
    Your A. Violet is such a lovely color.
    Thanks for showing all these beautiful blooms!

  3. nancybond says:

    You have some lovely blooms, Jill — that deep pink hyacinth is gorgeous! I’ve never seen one quite that colour.

  4. lynn says:

    Hi Jill,
    Those hyacinths are pretty! Mine are planted in the garden though as it’s a fragrance that gives me a headache after a while. What a great picture window to display them!

  5. jellyfishbay says:

    Thanks for all the nice complements. I love hyacinths and they are extremely easy to force. As long as the air circulation in the house is good, the scent doesn’t get too overpowering. Then once they are done blooming inside, I can put them in the ground and enjoy them again next spring. Usually I choose a two color combo, like lavender and butter yellow or hot pink and white, but this year our garden center had a variety bin, so I got a smorgasbord of colors.

  6. I love the hyacinths! Shhh… let’s not tell anyone how easy it is to force them into bloom using hyacinth vases.

    Thanks for sharing all your blooms for bloom day!

  7. jellyfishbay says:

    Ooops! Sorry Carol, too late.

  8. Sue says:

    You have a garden right there on your window sill! (I think that’s where they were, I just wanted to make a rhyme there.) I’ve never tried forcing blooms on bulbs, but may try next year. I’m glad to see your Christmas cactus blooming. I’m not sure if the one I got after Christmas with a few buds on it is going to or not.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!


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