Snowy Sunday

We had a winter storm warning for today. I was hopeful for a lot of snow (this goes back to my childhood, wishing for snow days.) Well, there was a winter storm somewhere but not here. We only got about an inch today, just enough to make everything pretty.

Like most Sundays, I was at my mother’s house in the country to do laundry, help with chores and basically unwind from a hectic week. I knew that it would be a good day for photos, so I grabbed my camera on my way out the door.

pb300625 heading down the dirt lane to the house

pb300622 pb300623  pb300631 two things I really love – a new snowfall and the countryside of my childhood.

The birds were really busy at the birdfeeder:

pb3005881 pb300590 pb300598 pb300600 pb300613

and on the ground: pb300601 

pb300636 The wild turkeys made a visit before I arrived. But I did capture some photos of another visitor.

pb300619 pb300620

This little guy was all alone. I was worried about what may have happened to the rest of the herd. This one seemed too young to by by himself (or herself).

After tromping around outside, it felt good to come back in to the warm house and to a warm fire.

pb300633 More snow forecast for tomorrow.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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10 Responses to Snowy Sunday

  1. deb says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day. Love the wood burning stove.

  2. joco says:

    That little deer kept nice and still for you.

    I wonder if one could have a (battery) light inside the romantic birdfeeder.

  3. shirl says:

    Hi there 🙂

    I am so glad I followed your comment from Carol’s post on bird ID’s in the garden. I too enjoy seeing the birds visit my Scottish garden and like to take videos as well as photos.

    Thank-you for sharing the beautiful winter images from your walk. I particularly liked seeing the birds at the feeders though. With the exception of the chickadees (looking like our coal tits) it is great to see different birds than I am used to.

    We have snow today too but over the weekend our garden was caught in the spell of a seroius winter frosting! Enjoy your visiting birds – I enjoy mine too 😀

  4. Sue says:

    Good Morning! Your snow was a pretty one! I love all the critters you got pics of. I hope we get more of a variety of birds on our feeder besides sparrows. We do have doves, blue jays, cardinals and robins here, as well as others, but I’m not sure what kinds stay around for the winter.

  5. jellyfishbay says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
    Deb, this is my parents’ retirement home – a passive solar house. The main source of heat is the fireplace. Joco, I’ve heard that the little deer came back yesterday and wandered all around the backyard. Shirl, you must have a great zoom lens for your camera, your bird photos are wonderful. I’ve got a good macro lens, but the zoom is disappointing. Sue, It took me about 3 winters before I got anything other than sparrows. Persistence pays off.

  6. joco says:

    this is for Shirl:
    I thought the chickadee looked more like our long-tailed tit than a coal tit. I have been wondering about the origin of the American name.

  7. jellyfishbay says:

    Joco, The black-capped chickadee is named for it’s distinctive call: chick-a-dee-dee-dee. I think it is a member of the same family as the tits.

  8. You captured my heart with this post. I am sad to see the flowers fade…but thrilled to see more birds arrive in my yard! We have no snow, as yet, but if this year is anything like last, the birds will be lining up around my feeders–snow or no snow! Isn’t it fun to watch the many miracles in nature? Take care! Jan

  9. Kylee says:

    So many pretty photos in this post! I especially love the very first one.

  10. nancybond says:

    Looks like a pretty amazing day! 🙂 I know the feeling of those familiar woods….

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