September Garden

While surfing around and checking out some interesting blogs I came upon a gardener who chose September 15 as the day to see what was blooming in her garden. I give her credit for the great idea, even though I can’t remember the actual blog-site.

Here is what is currently blooming in my garden, despite the 10 inches of rain that fell last weekend. The perennial sweet peas have been blooming all summer and are still going strong. The hybridized Black-Eyed Susans are pretty much done. Only a few are still looking pretty good. But the wild versions of the same are fresh and in their prime.

   Some of the Phlox are looking very pretty.

 Lots of Goldenrod flowers, usually towering over my head, but the recent rains have bent them over to waist level.

  The perennial ageratums are also bent along the ground instead of standing up at their normal 2ft height.

   This is my first year for this plant. An Obediant Plant (Physostegia virginiana). I ordered it because it will grow in clay soil, is drought tolerant and it blooms in the early fall. It’s in the mint family – which is a clue that it may be invasive. I guess I will find that out. Supposedly, if you bend each individual flower they will stay in that position. Another name is the false dragonhead. I think I read that the butterflies like this plant. I do know that bees are fond of it. The 2nd photo has the largest bumble bee that I have ever seen gathering nectar.     
   I have 3 varieties of asters this year. The first photo are the wild asters, then 2 hybridized varieties. The 3 photo has a double fringe of petals. I just planted that this spring, but now, 4 months later, do you think I can find the label with it’s name? Of course not.  

My sedum, “Autumn Joy” is just pinking up now and is another favorite for the bees. The color will deepen until it is almost a burgundy color. 

 The mums are just beginning to open.

  I had to take this shot of a beetle with the coolest jagged racing stripes. It’s worth a double click to get a closer view.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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One Response to September Garden

  1. Carol at MayDreams Garden, started the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, where bloggers post pictures of what they have in bloom on the 15th of the month. It is fun to see what other gardeners are growing at different times. It gives you a feel for the rhythm of the seasons in different zones.
    Your 3 asters look good. I hate it when I move a group of plants and lose track of their identity.

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