Golden Days

I love this time of year. The last few days have been a little on the warm side, but everything I look at seems to be yellow and gold. This includes the grass…we haven’t had much rain. My butterfly/hummingbird garden looks lovely right now with lots of birds, bees and butterflies. Though the bees willingly pose for me on the flowers, the butterflies, hummingbirds and goldfinches are a little more flighty and will not sit still long enough for me to snap a shot. I did manage to catch a monarch at rest,

and a not so great shot of a hummingbird taking a sip. If you look closely, you can just see the little guy on the left side of the feeder.   

There were lots of other little bugs including this very attractive green beetle. I have no idea what kind of bug it was, but he was enjoying a snack of cosmos petal.


I also had to include a picture of this crane. I went back to the West Lake Nature Preserve and came upon two cranes, very close to an observation deck in the Marsh Trail. Very cool.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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