The Artful Life – Taking Baby Steps

It’s been years since I’ve seriously pursued any type of art or crafts in my life, with the exception of some nature craft programs I led for various youth groups. Work, school, and just life in general interfered. The funny thing was, I didn’t miss it…well I was busy. Then last year, I had an art asthetics course. Even though I felt it was a waste of time for my field of study, it was the fact of experiencing dance and music concerts, and student art shows. I had little background in these areas.

It reminded of my childhood when I seriouly wanted to be an artist. My interest manifested itself by using sheet after sheet of typing paper and sketching everything I could see. My hero was Gwen Frostic and I remembered being thrilled speechless when Mom took me to meet her when I was in 2nd grade. I even got to shake her hand.

As I got older, my interests changed to the performing arts and costume design. From costumes I moved into directing and producing plays and moved further away from the arts and towards the business of end of theatre.

Now it’s time to head back. The first step is to straighten up and organize my craft room. Since I haven’t really used it recently, it had turned into a storage area. I’d also like to find my idea book, a large sketch pad that I used to doodle in, pasted inspirational pictures and photos in, or entered poems or words that served as a catalyst to a project.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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One Response to The Artful Life – Taking Baby Steps

  1. Lynn says:

    The book is a wonderful idea. As far as the artful life, your photos are breathtaking.

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