Moving towards Spring

    It’s amazing. We’ve moved from early to mid-spring within a few days. Trees and shrubs have developed a green haze of leaf buds, or a burgundy and yellow haze of flowers. Tulips have begun blooming in the downtown park, as well as my backyard. The really big daffodils have opened and  the sweet-smelling hyacinths hang over, heavy with blossoms. The yellow of the daffodils really pop when they are blooming alongside the blue vinca and grape hyacinth. When conditions are right they bloom together, but it doesn’t always happen.

Grape Hyacinth (Muscari ) does look like a tiny grape cluster but nothing like a hyancinth. The common grape hyacinth is composed of many, small bell-shaped flowers with a soft delicate fragrance.

Hyacinths (Hyacinthus)  have a thick spike with larger, more pronounced flowers in a variety of bold and pastel colors, and they emit a strong, sweet perfumed odor that can be smelled when you walk by or thruout the house if you’ve got a forced plant. I do like to force hyacinths in the winter.  I have special vases that hold the onion-like bulb. The vases are filled with water up to the bottom of the bulb and placed in a cool dark place until it has started sprouting, usually 6 to 8 weeks. Then it is brought into the light until it blooms. Then the whole house smells like spring.

Hyacinth is another flower name that comes from Greek mythology, not as a god but a young man beloved by Apollo who dies tragically from a discus thrown by the sun god.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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