a Spring-like Day

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The first really lovely spring day we’ve had. The sun was out and it was actually warm enough to take off my coat, at least in the sunny spots. My crocuses are blooming like crazy, though an unusually large number of them are growing in the grass, thanks to those varmint squirrels, who dig up my bulbs, then rebury and forget about them.

Sammi loved to chase the squirrels, though she was never smart enough to catch one. She knew what “squirrel” meant and when I told her to “go get em” she knew it was time to tear out of the house and chase after the critters; up the tree or over the fence and out of her reach.

p4030113.jpg    p4030114.jpg   

My little, tiny, dwarf iris reticulata are also beginning to bloom. This is the only flower that I call by their latin name. I like how it rolls off the tongue – Iris Reticulata. It’s a miniature flower, only about 2 1/2 – 3 inches wide on a 4-5 inch stem. It comes from a bulb instead of a rhizome (like the regular irises). This tiny gem is an early bloomer and can thrive in the partial shade as well as a sunny location.

Orginally I planted yellow along with red-violet and blue irises, but the yellow never came back after the first year. Why? I have no idea. Maybe the bulbs for the yellow flowers taste better to the squirrels than the purple ones.

I remember that Iris was a name from Greek mythology. I used to really get into the Greek gods and their stories when I was in 6th grade, enough that Mom bought me my own copy of Bullfinch’s Mythology (which I still have). Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods, but beyond that, I can’t recall.


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3 Responses to a Spring-like Day

  1. jeelago says:

    So pretty! I like that, too: Iris Reticulata… I couldnt remember anything from mythology about Iris, either, so of course I googled it…. http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Iris.html ….seems there wasnt much to remember? “no distinctive mythology of her own” according to that page. Wonder how true that is. But as a messenger of the gods, the flower named after her seems to bring word of the coming of spring? How long do they bloom? thx thx for the pics 😉

  2. jellyfishbay says:

    These little irises usually last a few weeks, they can fade away if the weather gets too hot or they will shrivel up if we get a hard frost. At this time of year it could go either way. Regular irises don’t bloom until May – undoubtedly the ones named for the goddess since they are more historical (think of the French fleur-de-lis). I had thought perhaps the flowers were named after the goddess because they come in all the colors of the rainbow. Your suggestion actually makes more sense than mine.

  3. jeela says:

    they both make sense to me. I think I’ve seen “true” spring maybe once in the last 15 years. The changes are different in Hawaii…

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