2007-12-12 Death of the Staff Christmas Party

Death of the Staff Christmas Party – I just came back from the annual staff “Holiday Tea”. It has really become dry, ho-hum and generic and is no longer a party at all. I think I stayed about 3 minutes. Food included  sandwiches on a bun, soup and cake, as well as cheese and crackers. This is pretty much what I buy for lunch every day of the week at the downtown eating establishments. I have more fun at our staff inservice day. I’m sure the ladies that planned it worked hard but there was no party atmosphere, it felt more like a cafeteria. I don’t believe I even noticed any decorations.

Back in the day, when I first began working here, the “Christmas Tea” was a huge affair, usually lasting all afternoon. Everyone dressed up and staff contributed by giving food or money. The food overflowed the tables, and the room was loud and noisy with partiers…no doubt helped by the punch marked “with”. We had Christmas music, either recorded or live from a untuned piano played by Terry and David, our resident musicians.

Now, in an effort to remain politically correct, the party has become sterile and lifeless. It’s more like a staff meeting with dim lighting.

There is more to planning a party than just low lighting and food. I think that the staff association should take over the planning again, or rotate it each year to a different department or better yet, plan a real party at night after closing, with some real drinks. Staff could bring spouses and it would be a real party with actual Holiday Cheer.


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