2007-11-13 The Student Theory

The Student Theory – One more class and I’ll be done for the semester. I thought it would never end. Now I can see why I was such a poor student the first time I was in college. When it comes to regurgitating facts and rote memorization, I have difficulties.

Undergrad classes usually follow traditional modes of teaching; with exams-midterms and finals. And so I became a C student. As a grad student, most classes rely on writing papers and take home exams (another way of writing papers during a short time frame). I became an A-BA student. Good grades have become very important to me.

My current class is taught by a retired teacher – very old school. Most of the points making up our grades are from exams. I am not doing well, and it is upsetting me more than I care to admit. My advisor assures me that even if I got a D, I would still finish the program. I just hate the thought of lowering my grade point average.

I was even asked to join the National Honor Society Fraternity. I really have no interest in joining any fraternity but its nice to be asked and Mom was thrilled. I’m sure she never thought that I would ever be a good enough student to qualify. For that matter, neither did I.

Garden notes: Most of my yard and garden stuff has been put away for the season. I still have a load of pots that need to go into the garage and 3 more storm windows to put up.

My mums are still blooming as well as my sweet peas and the pansies I planted this fall. I have a bunch of bulbs that I would like to get into the ground. Hopefully, I can get to them on Friday, my day off.

I got my birdfeeder going again about a month ago and it is very busy. I usually have to refill it twice a day.

Besides the flock of sparrows and morning doves, I have sassy chickadees, bold white and red breasted nuthatches, rude blue jays, cardinals chipping at each other, goldfinches, shy juncos, titmice, a downy woodpecker and a really beautiful red-bellied woodpecker. It’s a very busy spot.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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