2007-07-17 Rain at last, and a Frosty Diamond

Rain at last, and a Frosty Diamond – We finally got about 2-3 hours of steady rain this morning. It looks as though we may get a couple more days of rain as well. For the first time in weeks, I didn’t have to water some part of my garden.

Okay, the wonderful container plant I was trying to remember last time is a Proven Winner plant, Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”. This annual produces clouds of airy white flowers all season, is heat and drought tolerant and works beautifully in containers. Height: 12-18″. Full sun to part shade. My petunias and marigolds have suffered, but Diamond Frost and my chartreuse sweet potato vine are the best potted plants I’ve had this season. I finally replaced my hanging lobelia with plain old reliable geraniums for the front porch. They are a bright red and go with the red and white impatians in the large window boxes along the front steps.

I bought a number of perennials to put in the hummingbird and butterfly garden that I maintain at the Library. I found out about registering the garden as a monarch way station and though I think I have enough plants, just thought that I would fill it out with a few more recommended by the website. I sent the application in and should get a sign to post by the end of August. I need to borrow a digital camera and start taking pictures now while the garden is in its prime.

This program is through the University of Kansas at www.monarchwatch.org

Current flowers in bloom: balloon flower, sweet peas, phlox, reseeded morning glories, smaller hostas and trumpet vine. Blue chicory flowers and this yarrow type plant that has sticktite seeds that I have to pull from my dog’s fur.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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