2007-07-13 Dry Times

Dry Times – I’m worried about the drought that we are having right now. I don’t think we’ve had any rain to speak of for the last couple of months. The few times it did rain, it only lasted a couple of minutes, hardly worth the effort. I don’t know much about meteorology, but I thought that living on the west side of Lake Michigan meant that water was picked up over the lake, creating clouds and is dumped as rain when the hot air of the land hits the clouds.

Flowers blooming right now: The monarda have been really prolific this year and are blooming early, along with everything else. The foxglove is in a second blooming phase. How did it do that? Another anomaly is that I have a flowering dusty miller. Just one small bright yellow flower. I didn’t know that they bloomed at all.

The container plants are doing poorly with the exception of my fountain grass and this plant with little tiny white flowers, which I will look up and add to this diary, so I can remember it for next year. The petunias and marigolds are looking pathetic and the impatians for the front yard aren’t as full as they usually are.

I’ll try to go into more detail later, plus recap the garden walks I’ve enjoyed so far this summer.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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