2007-06-25 Lemon Fluff and Sick Abed

Lemon Fluff and Sick Abed – It’s a hot, hot, hot evening and I’m here in my unairconditioned home sick, sick, really sick.

I had so many plans this weekend. It was the first weekend without homework, classes done until September. But Friday I woke up with a sore throat and I have been fighting a temperature, coughing and sneezing ever since. I did as many activities as I could but I pooped out fast and ended up spending too much time in bed. Weather was comfortable until today and it’s supposed to stay hot until Thursday. I feel more sorry for my dog,Sammi. She’s part golden retriever, part cocker spaniel and this weather is hard on her.

I had a clear cut choice. I could either spend my saved money on a new mattress/boxsprings or a new air conditioner. The air conditioner I had in mind stands on the floor with wheels and has a hose type attachment that goes to the window. My house is more than 100 years old with oversized windows and storm windows that pop out with hinges at the top so they never actually come off. It becomes  difficult to put in the conventional air conditioner. Of course, the one I wanted was one of the more expensive. I chose the mattress. It’s the first new mattress I have ever owned. I just got tired of the backaches and decided that I could put up with another hot summer using fans. I’m beginning to think I made a mistake.

Flowers: Right now, my oriental lilies have begun blooming all over the yard in in rusty red, lemon yellow and peachy pink, as well as my sweet peas and purple clematis. The tall phlox in pink and white is also looking good right now. I’ve got some pink astilbe hiding among my taller plants that are looking sweet. Mine are never as big as other yards, I don’t think I keep them moist enough, but they do alright and always bloom, looking like a little pink fuzzy spires.

I’m disappointed with my lemon fluff. It started blooming great, then the leaves and stalks started dying back suddenly, cutting off the blooming cycle. I hope they come back again next year. They were from my sister’s house, and she dug them up for me. My soil may be too clay for them.

Lemon Fluff – Centaurea macrocephala <br>Easy to grow, 3′ plants bear lemon-yellow, globe-like blooms wrapped in silvery brackets. Sets beds aglow in late summer; plant in large drifts or naturalize. Zone 3 to 8.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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