2007-06-08 Pink

Pink – One more week of school, then I’m free for the rest of the summer! I start again in September with an accounting class for non-profit organizations (horrors) and my project paper seminar, then I shall be totally finished with my master’s degree. I can’t wait until I am done and can continue on with my real life again.

In the garden: The irises are gone,so are the dames rockets, my peonies as well. Peonies only last a few days, then the rain knocked the blossoms off. They are beautiful while they are blooming, but the blooming season is so short. Mine never last more than two or three days, it rains, then they are gone. They are hardly worth the effort.

On the other hand, my poppies are looking good and my foxglove (digitalis) has come back. I’ve tried to plant it in different parts of the backyard area, they last the season, then never return. These I planted last August and they are beautiful right now, showing their pin and white speckled throats with a bright pink exterior. I’ve got them in my herb garden, the sunniest spot I could find (about 3 hours at mid-day). Hopefully they’ll be back again next year.

Speaking of bright pink, you should see my rose campion! Bright, neon pink flowers standing tall on a fuzzy gray-green stems and leaves.

My weigelia and spirea bushes are blooming as well. They are also pink.

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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