2007-04-12 I’ve Got a Deadline to Meet

I’ve Got a Deadline to Meet – I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while. I was in an alternate reality called University. It’s amazing how school can just sap your mind and your energy, especially if you are a real adult with real-life responsibilities such as a job, mortgage and family.

It’s my 4th year in my master’s program and I am really dragging my feet. It gets harder and harder to study and read textbooks and write papers. Dealing with deadlines used to be fun, now it’s such a drag – I put off my homework until the last possible minute.

I used to be able to put together a show in four weeks, to costume 60 plus people with two to four changes with a week to spare. One time, when I was producing a production of Cinderella – a slapstick funny version, not the boring, romantic one – the director called me at 11pm stating that the costume for the Fairy Godmother was not what she had wanted and she needed some extra money in order for her grandmother to make another one before opening night. (Opening night was the next evening.)I knew that by the time the grandmother went to the fabric store the next morning, bought a pattern and fabric and cut it out, it would already be afternoon and too late to finish by that evening. I told the director to forget the grandmother and the money, that I would just do it. After all, I had a whole room of fabric. I could start immediately, which would be 12 hours before Grandma could start.

I knew exactly what the dress would look like. I would take the costume already made – a puffy, pink satin monstrosity of a blouse and simple gathered skirt – and add an overlay: a sleeveless dress with a fitted bodice that laced up the front and full skirt gathered up all around and secured with giant pink bows. I used a silver lame’fabric for the top and blue lame’ for the skirt. The fairy godmother would look like a demented Little Bo Peep but since we were going for a comedic effect, it was perfect. I met with the actress at noon the next day for a fitting and stayed to sew the hems and finishing touches.

It was done by 6pm and it got rave reviews from the director, cast and crew. I got no sleep but the deadline was met and I kind of enjoyed the rush.

I wouldn’t mind feeling that kind of thrill with school.

It’s good to be back.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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