2006-06-12 ex-boyfriend spotting

ex-boyfriend spotting – Beginnings are always difficult for me. I never know how to begin things. Conversations, craft projects, school papers, meeting people. Life would be so much simpler for me if I could forget about a beginning and just start in the middle. It would avoid a lot of awkwardness and procrastinations.

So here it is. My first attempt at a diary and I only put it off for about…. let’s just say more than 30 years and less than 100 years. And, as you can probably guess, I enjoy gardening. I’m not a slave to it and even though I will probably write about the outdoor world and my love of it, I don’t plan on devoting the entire time to the subject.

Let’s start with…this last weekend. It was so beautiful, not too warm and clear. I ended spending almost the entire weekend outside. I pulled weeds and labeled plants at the library’s Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden on Saturday and pruned shrubs and hauled limbs at Mom’s house on Sunday and planted flowers and trimmed grass at home in the evenings. I may be lazy but I can be motivated, at least in spurts.

The big excitement was seeing my ex-boyfriend. Why does he still give me butterflies? I don’t get it. Anyway, I had just finished working in the garden at the library and was rewarding myself with a buffet lunch, when he plopped down in the seat across from me. Acckk! There I sat, somewhat sweaty in a messy ponytail wearing the worst of my work clothes. (Definition of work clothes: faded, stained and ill fitting [i.e. too tight] clothing not suitable for the general public or ex-boyfriends you’d like to impress). Not to mention the 30 extra pounds that I put on since I last saw him 20 years ago. Well, I blathered about something or other, we exchanged email addresses and I went over to his table to say Hi to his Mother. He is currently living in North Carolina but visiting Mom here in Michigan. Sigh. He hasn’t changed a bit. Still looks good. Still got the charming bit going. Even that receding hairline hasn’t receded an inch since I last saw him. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a tumble for old times sake, but the butterflies inside say no. He’s leaving in a few weeks and if I tumbled, I know I’d want more and it just ain’t gonna happen..


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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